• Putting a bird on it

    Putting a bird on it

    Here at the Berkeley Science Review, the design team works hard to find beautiful ways to visualize data and deconstruct a challenging concept or large body of work into an infographic. Title images, however, are meant to capture the spirit of the article, and are often the place where the designers can let loose. While the cover […]

  • Issue 27 is here!

    Issue 27 is here!

    Hello BSR readers – it is with great pleasure that we announce the 27th edition of the Berkeley Science Review. Below you’ll find our Letter from the Editor for this edition, which details some of the great content you can find on the web. Did I mention that all of this content is now live […]

  • The Man and the Maze

    The Man and the Maze

    Tolman Hall, the Psychology building on the UC Berkeley campus, is soon to be no more – the building is slated for demolition and replacement due to seismic concerns that make it one of the least safe buildings on campus. In 2017, a shiny new building (likely with a new name) over on Shattuck and […]

  • Bringing life to primeval plants

    Bringing life to primeval plants

    Feature Image: One of Jeff’s computer renderings of the Centipede Clubmoss Leclercqia scolopendra used in his most recent publication. Credit: Jeff Benca What started out as a closet hobby became a rewarding career and life pursuit for Jeff Benca. He dubs himself an ancient plant geek with good reason. Benca is currently a UC Berkeley graduate […]

  • Archaeology and untold stories of the African Diaspora

    Archaeology and untold stories of the African Diaspora

    Feature image details: Annelise showing her great-aunt Margaret an artifact during an excavation. Courtesy of Johana Pacyga, University of Chicago.   As you flip through the pages of a history book, you are immersed in stories of past human civilizations curated from written records and other forms of documented communication, but what happens if these […]

  • Nobel laureates at Berkeley

    Nobel laureates at Berkeley

    This holiday season, we will have many exciting Nobel laureate lectures to listen to at the 2014 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony (held annually on 10 December, the anniversary Alfred Nobel’s death). This year’s list of laureates includes awards for the creation of the blue LED, development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, and discovery of the brain’s […]

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