• Archaeology and untold stories of the African Diaspora

    Archaeology and untold stories of the African Diaspora

    Feature image details: Annelise showing her great-aunt Margaret an artifact during an excavation. Courtesy of Johana Pacyga, University of Chicago.   As you flip through the pages of a history book, you are immersed in stories of past human civilizations...

  • Nobel laureates at Berkeley

    Nobel laureates at Berkeley

    This holiday season, we will have many exciting Nobel laureate lectures to listen to at the 2014 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony (held annually on 10 December, the anniversary Alfred Nobel’s death). This year’s list of laureates includes awards for the...

  • Snap, crackle, pop, whoosh!

    Snap, crackle, pop, whoosh!

    (Brainsplosions not drawn to scale)   Ah, aging. Just when you think you’ve got your life together, your body starts falling apart. Thanks to WebMD, you can now diagnose yourself with almost anything if you play fast and loose enough with your...

  • Expressing Science Through Art

    Expressing Science Through Art

    Cover image credit: Kate Nichols. Through the Looking Glass 1. Silver nanoparticles on glass. 24 x 45 inches, 2011. Photo credit: Donald Felton.​ When I look back to the past, it always seems to be a simpler time. Luminaries such as Leonardo Da Vinci...

  • How fit is that Fitbit?

    How fit is that Fitbit?

    Technology used to be something external, we traveled to the office to use it – you sat  at your computer. Then technology became something we carried around – our cellphones, our laptops. Wearable tech used to be something of sci-fi and comic books...

  • Choice articles from the arXiv

    Choice articles from the arXiv

    The open access movement has gotten a fair amount of attention in recent years due to everyone realizing how much of a cartel the traditional publication model actually is.  This uproar actually recently resulted in the government making it such that...

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