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It’s a turkey vulture, it’s a plane, no … it’s a California condor!

I really want to see a California condor.

When I learned that there were 19 released—and commonly sighted—California condors in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park in Baja California, where I would be traveling over break, I decided to brush up on my bird identification skills to avoid excitedly mistaking every turkey vulture for a condor. According to a recent article in KPBS in San Diego, four California condors were just transferred from the San Diego Zoo’s captive breeding program to the park for acclimation and quarantine; they are scheduled to be released in April. In the end, I had no confirmed sightings of a California condor, but I did learn more about them and the near ubiquitous turkey vulture.

The first give away of a California condor is its sheer size. Weighing in at a whopping 25+ lbs, the California condor commands the skies with a wing span of nearly 10 feet from tip to tip, the largest of any bird in North America.