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Sports Tech—The Future of Cal Athletics

If you’re a student in UC Berkeley’s Sports Tech Challenger Class and you’ve got a good idea, you can run with it. Literally. The class, a collaboration between Cal Athletics and the College of Engineering, puts athletes and engineers to work developing base technologies or applications that improve athletic performance. “There’s only a handful of

Surrounding students with STEMpowerment

Dr. Talithia Williams, an associate professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, spoke at UC Berkeley on February 6, 2018 to discuss bridging the racial, gender, and socioeconomic gap in STEM higher education. She opened this event, called STEMpowerment, by posing a question: who is Claudette Colvin? Claudette was arrested in 1955 for refusing to

What are the next generation’s science standards?

Science literacy in the United States is substandard, and the reasons are far too numerous to list in a single blog post. Experts in the field of education concluded that one of the factors was our lack of up to date national science standards. The last time that national science standards were developed and recommended in the U.S. was 1996. Because adoption of the standards was not compulsory, each state developed its own set leading to large discrepancies in the quality of science education between states. Some states’ standards have been criticized for presenting students with too many facts, figures, and tongue-twisting scientific names—all seemingly disconnected, and leaving many students without the necessary tools to learn or think critically about scientific subjects.