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Truth In Science

The world of the unseen, unlearned, and unknown has forever entranced human minds. Imagine the delight of the first creature to wield fire on the end of a stick, suddenly able to illuminate features in the darkness on command. Scientists enjoy a similar feeling when, for a brief moment at the microscope or analyzing fresh

I’m Using the New Statistics

Do you remember your elementary school science project? Mine was about ant poison. I mixed borax with sugar and put that mixture outside our house during the summer in a carefully crafted/aesthetically pleasing “ant motel.” My prediction, I think, was that we would kill ants just like in the conventional ant killing brands, but we’d

Open access: Top 5 ways to engage, why you should, and precautionary measures to consider


Today’s post was written by Kristina Kangas and Chris Shaver.

There’s a lot of hype about open access (OA). Anna Goldstein did a great overview of Open Access Explained, and 55% of respondents to the poll say, “Viva la revolución! I only publish in open access journals.” If you are not yet a part of this vibrant, emerging world of scientific dissemination, here are five ways and reasons to engage in open access as well as precautionary measures worth considering, to ensure that you are not infringing on copyright laws.

Follow the link to read the five why’s and how’s of open access!

Open access explained

Night_10The conversation about scientific publishing has exploded lately, online, in print and in person. Last week, the journal Nature released a special issue called The future of publishing. Also last week, Micheal Eisen (MCB professor and HHMI investigator at UC Berkeley, and co-founder of PLoS) posted a speech he gave on the past and projected future of scholarly communication in the age of the Internet. I want to start there, because his remarks were thorough and persuasive, and they inspired me to think differently about the issue of open access.

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