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Striving for Environmental Justice: An Interview with Rachel Morello-Frosch

This article is part of STEMinism in the Spotlight, a monthly interview series. With the increasing urgency of the climate crisis, Rachel Morello-Frosch’s research could not be more important. Her work focuses on environmental justice and environmental health disparities, and she emphasizes working with communities to conduct research and develop solutions. Rachel Morello-Frosch is a

Bay Area marches for science

At first glance, the March for Science in San Francisco appeared similar to other marches held over the past few months: a sea of signs and people in sunscreen and running shoes, many with their kids in tow. But after looking closer, a couple notable differences stood out. Here and there were people in lab

Open access explained

Night_10The conversation about scientific publishing has exploded lately, online, in print and in person. Last week, the journal Nature released a special issue called The future of publishing. Also last week, Micheal Eisen (MCB professor and HHMI investigator at UC Berkeley, and co-founder of PLoS) posted a speech he gave on the past and projected future of scholarly communication in the age of the Internet. I want to start there, because his remarks were thorough and persuasive, and they inspired me to think differently about the issue of open access.

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