This past week, one of my graduate students and I published a paper at PLoS ONE, a leading open access journal (if you are interested in politics and economic inequality, I suggest you head over and check it out here). I’m not the first researcher (or psychologist) to use PLoS ONE as an outlet for my work, but it’s still a relatively new place for social/personality psychologists to publish their findings. Because of the “newness” of this whole venture, I thought it might be nice to tell you a bit about my experience, so far.
(1) Was the paper reviewed? Were the reviews fair?The paper was handled by an editor (whose name appears on the publication) and one expert reviewer. The paper itself went through two rounds of revision before it was accepted for publication. I thought the reviewer comments were fair and reasonable in all respects–we were primarily asked to situate our findings more completely in the existing literature. This meant adding a few more citations, mostly of classic research.
The reviewer also asked us to conduct a few more statistical analyses, some of which ended up in the final paper, while the rest ended up in the supplementary materials. All in all, I was left feeling quite positively about the whole process.