Graduate school teaches a lot of really useful skills.  Analytic reasoning, writing scientific papers, conducting experiments, and (hopefully) communicating one’s ideas clearly and concisely are all parts of a quality science education these days.  However, there are still many facets of the scientific world that are often overlooked, be it intentionally or not.

We at the BSR often think of ourselves as offering an opportunity to work on one such skill: communicating complex ideas concisely and clearly.  However, the world of science communication is far more complex than a blog and magazine; there are thousands of potential science devotees out there, and reaching them all requires a multifaceted and clever approach that considers their myriad differences and interests.  One such group of people is our youth.  These are the folks that will be making the world-changing discoveries years from now, so I am especially impressed when scientists take the time out of their research to try and appeal to the emerging scientists among us.

Which brings me to Ned the Neuron.  Say, “Hi,” to Ned, everybody!