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Xtreme BUGs at Lawrence Hall of Science

Sometimes, it’s fun to add in a bit of arts-and-crafts to your research.

And so when I was asked to contribute to the research component of an upcoming exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science, I jumped at the opportunity. Now comes the hard part: how do you turn your research project into a display that is simple enough to be understood by young children, yet comprehensive enough to actually explain your research? How do you make something that is flashy enough to hold a child’s attention, while remaining serious enough to let the science shine through?

And why, oh, why, did I decide that taking three precious weeks away from research was a good thing? Because what I made was AWESOME, that’s why. (Well, that and the fact that I made a serious underestimation—as I always do—about how much time my grand ideas would actually take!)

The goal of this post is twofold: to encourage graduate student participation in museum displays, and to promote the Lawrence Hall of Science’s upcoming exhibit Xtreme BUGS.

Xtreme Bugs dedicated page final