career-111932_640Do you remember the first time that you heard about your university job fair?  As you hurriedly made your way to the university gym, visions of Google and Apple representatives promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams popped into your head.  Excitedly, you entered the job fair armed with a newly-crafted resume, prepared for the torrent of job offers to be lobbed your way.

And then you actually got there, and found yourself in a large, overcrowded room with about five thousand other undergrads who were all thinking the same thing.

Job fairs have never been  as effective as one would hope (though a strategy never hurts), but what else can one do in this day and age?  Lucky for us, the answer is: quite a bit. As the landscape of business changes in response to the ever-growing influence of the web, many other practices within industry are changing as well.  As a result, new opportunities for connecting with business and finding your niche in the market are available to those who seek them.