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Location, location, location: how methylation relates to mutations

When it comes to mutations, location counts. Mutations, which are alterations to an organism’s DNA sequence, can have effects ranging from causing cancer to fueling evolution, depending on when and where they occur. And mutations don’t strike at random—they affect some regions of the genome many orders of magnitude more frequently than others. Of the

The Demarcation Problem

In October, 2004, the Dover Area School District in York County, Pennsylvania decided that intelligent design would be taught in their classrooms as an alternative to evolutionary theory. In response, a group of Dover parents sued the school district, claiming that intelligent design was not science and therefore “cannot uncouple itself from its creationist, and thus

Self-domestication and the evolution of human language

These are exciting times for research in language evolution! Never before have we been so close to solving this evolutionary puzzle, and you can also be part of this exciting moment in science history! It has been suggested that many human-specific traits, such as language, evolved as humans found new ways of controlling their environment.