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This conference was kid-friendly

The coffee break spread was like nothing I’ve ever seen at a science conference. Interspersed between the bagels, croissants, coffee and tea were goldfish crackers, fresh raspberries, and juice boxes. My husband, shifting our toddler son to his other arm, eyed the gluten-free mini muffins, orange juice and yogurt pouches. He asked me, “Can the

Beyond Academia: a new approach to PhDs

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If you ask a tenured professor, they’ll often tell you that graduate school largely serves a single purpose: to prepare the next generation of professors.  Such an approach to graduate school reflects a romantic view of academia: hundreds of bright young minds flocking together at the worlds greatest institutions of new ideas and cutting-edge thinkers.  However, upon their arrival at the annals of nearly any big-name university, a different reality begins to set in.

Contrary to the enthusiastic encouragement of their professors, getting an academic job isn’t simply a matter of going to grad school and settling into a tenure-track position.  Instead, only a small fraction of them will actually get an academic job.  In a recent report, the NSF suggested that a mere 20% of graduate students get jobs in the academic world, a staggeringly small number given that the “sole” purpose of graduate school is supposed to be training professors.

This is largely a product of the changing demographics in the world of academia.  Just like any industry, the world of university-driven research has attracted more and more people to it, and universities in turn have expanded their ability to train graduate students.  However, this influx of eager young scientists has not coincided with an increase in the number of jobs available to academics.  As such, a fixed slice of the pie is being divided up by larger and larger groups of people, often leading to a cutthroat and politically-driven culture of scientific one-upsmanship.

Piper Promotes: Masters & PhD Career Fair & On-Campus Recruiting for Grad Students & PhDs, September 20, 2012

Two events are upcoming on the Berkeley Campus catered to finding jobs with advanced degrees. The first is the Masters/PhD Career Fair, which is September 27 from 12 pm until 4 pm in the MLK Jr. Student Union building in the Pauley Ballroom. The event already has 47 employers lined up and is designed specifically for advanced degree holders in a range of disciplines.

To prepare for that, the Career Center is offering Preparing for the Masters & PhD Career Fair and On-Campus Recruiting for Grad Students & PhDs, which is designed to help students get the most out of this chance to meet and talk with recruiters, scientists, and hiring managers. The Preparing seminar is Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 5: 00 PM to 6: 30 PM, Rm 212 Career Center (2111 Bancroft Way next to the big car wash). Questions such as how to transform your CV into a resume and what types of questions to ask if you are interested in a company will be addressed.

The Preparing workshop is free, but pre-registration is suggested. To reserve your slot, login to Callisto (https://berkeley-csm.symplicity.com/students/), click on the “Events” tab on the top menu, select “Career Center Programs and Workshops” and search for the Preparing workshop under “Graduate Student & PhD Programs.”

For more information, contact Andrew Green, the Berkeley Ph.D. counselor at the Career Center at 2-1714 or aegre@berkeley.edu.Green encourages students to check out the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) system as well.