We hope you made it to some of the awesome events at the Bay Area Science Festival that wrapped up this weekend. A theme throughout numerous events for young and old were robotics. It’s no secret that we love robots here at BSR. We talked about the intrigue of aerial robotics before. We especially hope you had a chance to visit our sold-out event, Touch Me, and engaged with some fascinating innovations presented there. If you missed out, you can read all about robotic skin at Stanford and the work of Kal Spelletich with us online.

But we have to admit that, beyond the science, a small part of our fascination with robotics is pure enjoyment. Yes, the DARPA cheetah represents cutting-edge science, but the public’s interest in new robots extends beyond the science for the same reason the movie Transformers became a box office hit. Tinkering with robotics just for the fun of it was highlighted at BarBot, a gathering of cocktail robots in SF for the Science Festival. Read on to start your week off with a little body electric—we have awesome videos of robot bartenders for your perusal as well as some cool info on how to make your own robot here in the bay!