Issue 23


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Berkeley scientists make carbon a structure it cannot refuse
by Zoey Herm

FOXSI Fires Up 

Sounding rocket mission looks at solar flares
by Lindsay Glesener

Manipulative microbes 

The invisible invaders that influence guts, brains, and decision making
by Teresa Lee


Germ Warfare 

Bacteria and viruses adapt for battle
by Sam Sternberg


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Largest known black holes come to light
by Shirali Pandya

Graphene Blisters

Colloidal nanocrystals make their film debut
by Kaitlin Duffey

Some Like It Hot

Thermophiles clean up biofuel production
by David Hershey

Crater Clues

Finding water on Mars, on Earth
by Ginger Jui

Higher Hopes

FOSS improves California’s science education
by Sharmistha Majumdar

Good Vibrations

Piezoelectricity goes viral
by Samantha Cheung


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  • Blind Mice See
  • Elemental Christening
  • From Air to Zeolites
  • So Long, Franklin

Book review

Heisenberg in the Atomic Age:Science and the Public Sphere
by Aaron Harrison

Faculty profile

Carlos Bustamante: Re-creating life in the lab
by Susanne Kassube

From the Field

A scientist joins the media.
by Amanda Alvarez


Monte Carlo method
by Christopher Ryan



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