Fall 2016

From the Editor

Graduate students take action to improve academic climate
Rethinking and restructuring science education
Conjuring up colors in nature and in the lab
Repurposing nature’s recyclers

Peering Back in Galactic Time

Studying the formation and evolution of distant galaxies

A Nudge in the Wrong Direction

A case study unveiling implicit biases affecting equal gender representation

No Thanks, I’ll Stick to Water

Nanocrystals deliver a surprising answer to drought

Focal Power to the People

What you learn when everyone has a microscope in their pocket

Nature’s Water Filter

Co-opting nature’s filtration systems for clean municipal water

Fungi in Fly’s Clothing

The science of mind-controlling parasites

When Habits Aren’t So Fluid

Challenges of intermittent water supply

The Fates of Leftovers

Under (Self-Induced) Pressure

How to Build an Organism

Enzyme Makeover

From the Field – Tracking Pollution Sources

A view of carbon emissions from the rooftops of the Bay Area

Toolbox – The Future of Plastics

How plastic-making microbes could help save the planet

Noah K. Whiteman

A naturalist’s winding journey to biologist

Staff listing, Spring 2017