Spring 2013

From the Editor

A researcher’s death spurs an overhaul of safety at the UCs
Piecing together a sustainable food system
Taking a census of the body’s bacterial tenants
How CERN’s greatest triumph could be the beginning — or end — of modern physics
On worms, genes, jellyfish, and science’s quest for eternal life
New computers resolve clouds while keeping cool

Tipping Point

Campanile probe illuminates the nanoscale

The UrbanSim City

Drafting next generation neighborhoods

Straight Dope

Solar cells where electric fields rush in

Running a MOOC

BerkeleyX educates the masses

Healthy Squeeze

Breast cancer yields under pressure

Big Trees, Big Trouble

Redwoods jeopardized by coastal drought

Movin’ On Up

Lego My Microscope

Aloha, Evolution!

A Foggy Future

From the Field – Flight of the Sunflower Bee

Fluorescent dyes illuminate crop pollination

Toolbox – Global Climate Models

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

Lydia Sohn

Physicist, biologist, whistleblower

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