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Help BSR improve its outreach during COVID-19!

The Berkeley Science Review (BSR) needs your help to fulfill our two-fold mission of producing engaging, accessible scientific articles for the general public and training early-career scientists as scientific communicators! We are running a crowdfunding campaign during February to raise money to improve our magazine and blog’s outreach by (1) designing and hosting a new

Answering the call: The planning and execution of a COVID-19 “pop-up” testing lab (Swabs and Spit, Part I)

Part I in our COVID-19 series, Swabs and Spit. We take an inside look into how Berkeley scientists have set the bar for COVID-19 testing as the campus community heads back to work.   As biologists, most of our days are spent toiling in a tucked-away lab prying at core questions important to biology, such as:

2020’s wake up calls stir action in STEM

As scientists, we’re taught to believe in objectivity; in washing our hands of biases in pursuit of truth. As academics scrambling up an increasingly precarious career ladder, we’re taught to believe in meritocracy; that anyone who tries hard enough can succeed. But clinging to objectivity, meritocracy, and apoliticism often blinds scientists to the inequities they