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Growth mindset: crafting policy to maximize the potential of GE crops

Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of the genes of an organism. It has enabled researchers and manufacturers to tap into the existing machinery of living cells both to advance our understanding of basic science and to develop new products, including medicines and foods. Today, scientists program cells to tag their own proteins with fluorescent molecules

The Berkeley Science Review at Cal Week

As many campus activities moved online after the Bay Area’s shelter-at-home order, UC Berkeley’s Cal Day has done the same. Newly-admitted undergraduate students and their families can explore the university through Cal Week, a virtual open house from April 18–24 that will showcase what the Berkeley campus has to offer. Join the Berkeley Science Review

CRISPR Consensus?

Medical researchers have been practicing gene therapy, the transfer of DNA into the genome of a living cell as a treatment for a given disease, since the nineties. These treatments could drastically improve the quality of life of patients afflicted with diseases ranging from genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia to cancer.