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NIH Fellowship Success Rate Analysis

NIH Fellowship Success Rates¶ As I’m entering the final years of graduate school, I’ve been applying for a few typical “pre-doc” fellowships. One of these is the NRSA, which is notorious for requiring you to wade through forests of beaurocratic documents (seriously, their “guidelines” for writing an NRSA are over 100 pages!). Doing so ends

Are Universities for Learning or Creating?

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. –English proverb of dubious clarity, ca. 16th century. Undergraduates are filing onto campus, which means that for high school seniors, college application season is fast approaching. The age old question starts to haunt them—how do they know which schools they should apply to? Do they even

How can scientists work with cultural humility?

Coming from a background in science and coming into public health and not ever hearing ‘cultural humility’ in the sciences was very telling for me. Because culture is not something that’s emphasized, it’s not talked about in a relevant way. There have always been very clear barriers present for particular minorities in science. You can