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You Don’t Snooze, You Bruise

Many are a bit cranky after a poor night’s sleep, but the physical side effects may be more painful that we realize. Connections between sleep disruption and pain are known, however, the brain’s mechanisms and the effects of even minor sleep disruptions have remained mysterious. Adam Krause, a PhD candidate in Professor Matthew Walker’s Center

CRISPR Consensus?

Medical researchers have been practicing gene therapy, the transfer of DNA into the genome of a living cell as a treatment for a given disease, since the nineties. These treatments could drastically improve the quality of life of patients afflicted with diseases ranging from genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia to cancer.

Holiday travel plans? Not so simple for international students.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about students being adversely affected by changing immigration policies under the Trump administration, from increased restrictions for, and investigation of, Chinese students and researchers to Iranian students being denied entry into the country. Now, thanks to a survey conducted by the UAW 2865 International Student Committee, a subgroup of the