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Stop that Sperm!

In 1677 Anton von Leeuwenhoek, an inventor of the microscope, observed tiny creatures with tails he called “animalcules” swimming in a sample of his own semen. Centuries after these first observations, researchers at UC Berkeley are poised to answer one of the most important questions about these mysterious cells: how do they make it all

Need for Speed

Blind people often use canes to scan the surface of streets and detect objects in their path, characterize the objects, and generate a mental image. Similarly, the atomic force microscope (AFM) probes the surface of a molecule with a sharp tip to generate an image without directly viewing the tiny structure. However, traditional AFMs take

Tuned in

Have you ever been at a noisy party, so engrossed in conversation that background chatter fades and all you hear is the person you’re talking to? Or have you asked your partner a question when the television is on and gotten no response? These experiences demonstrate that our brain can volitionally control what we listen