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Issue 33 is now online!

Issue 33 of the Berkeley Science Review is now available online! Check out articles about Jupiter’s volcanic moon, extremophiles, a program to help UC Berkeley transfer students, and more. Thanks to our authors, editors, designers, and photographers, who all worked hard to bring you this beautiful new issue!

From the Dungeon

I look away for a fraction of a second, and just like that, it’s gone. It’s just past 4 a.m., and I’m stumbling through the darkness in pursuit of a spider. Capturing this spider is crucial to my research—but I don’t study arachnids. While I’m technically a biologist, I’m not the type that goes into

Location, location, location: how methylation relates to mutations

When it comes to mutations, location counts. Mutations, which are alterations to an organism’s DNA sequence, can have effects ranging from causing cancer to fueling evolution, depending on when and where they occur. And mutations don’t strike at random—they affect some regions of the genome many orders of magnitude more frequently than others. Of the