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Help BSR improve its outreach during COVID-19!

The Berkeley Science Review (BSR) needs your help to fulfill our two-fold mission of producing engaging, accessible scientific articles for the general public and training early-career scientists as scientific communicators!

We are running a crowdfunding campaign during February to raise money to improve our magazine and blog’s outreach by (1) designing and hosting a new website and (2) purchasing more distribution boxes. Our current website is outdated and hard to navigate, so a new site will help us build and maintain an online audience. The distribution boxes will allow us to distribute our magazines to the wider Bay Area community. Both of these measures have become more important since the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our usual distribution channels and reliance on good digital media has skyrocketed.

Please consider donating today to help BSR broaden its distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic! All the information you need to make a gift can be found at our crowdfunding campaign page. We also understand and acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many people’s financial status. We are appreciative and grateful to all those who have some to spare for the BSR.

You can also help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your family, coworkers, friends, and others you know who are interested in supporting science communication, and by sharing our crowdfunding campaign page URL ( on your social media.

Thank you for your support!

  • Sierra Lear, Editor in Chief
  • Maiko Kitaoka, Blog Editor in Chief
  • Santiago Yori Restrepo, Art Director
  • Andrew Saintsing, Managing Editor

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