Staff Listing, Spring 2018

Editor in Chief

Dat Mai


Zeke Barger

Katie Deets

Kyle Hemes

Tim Jeffers

Nanticha Lutt

Hayley McCausland

George Otto

Copy Editors

Dana Goodacre

Molly Lapoint

Ana Lyons

Managing Editor

Katie Deets

Art Director

Ashley Truxal


Cameron Baker

Amanda Bischoff

Jing Dai

Thai Dao

Nicole Repina

Emily Hartman

Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith

Elija Mehlferber

Alexandra Ramsey

Nicole Repina

Ashley Truxal

Kurtresha Worden


Karen Chow

Kazuomori Lewis

Blog Editor in Chief

Emilia Zin

Senior Blog Editor

Julia Kramer

Blog Editors

David Falkner

Annelise Gest

Web Director

Dat Mai

Outreach and Social Media

Katie Deets

Dat Mai

Hayley McCausland


Sundance Press

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