The Science Writing Seminar Series

The Berkeley Science Review sponsors an ongoing seminar series featuring lectures and Q&A sessions with authors, film-makers, and journalists working towards the public understanding of science. Seminars are free and open to the public. All events are wheelchair accessible.

Previous Seminar Speakers:

Maggie Koerth-Baker, Science Editor at, columnist for New York Times Magazine. “Putting the fun back in infrastructure: The electric system and the future of energy” (May 2012)

Mary Roach, columnist and popular science writer (April 2011)

Brian Mossop and Ruchir Shah, web editor for PLoS and associate editor for PLoS Biology (April 2011)

Jim Giles, correspondent for The New Scientist, “Data Driven Reporting” (May 2010)

Jennifer FrazierM, Project Director at The Exploratorium (April 2009)

Andrew Alden, Geology Guide (December 2008)

Andreas Kluth, technology correspondent for The Economist (April 2008)

Emma Hill, Liza Gross, and Gavin Yamey: Associate Editor, PLoS Biology; Science Writer, PLoS Biology; Senior Editor of PLoS Medicine and Consulting Editor of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, respectively. (December 2006) “Science as a Public Good: PLoS Shares Its Vision”

Peter Aldhous, SF Bureau Chief, The New Scientist (March 2006)

Erica Klarreich, freelance writer and Math Correspondent for Science News and UCSC Science Writing Program graduate (March 2005)

Jennifer Kahn, Contributing Editor for Wired, Freelance writer for Discover (and UC Berkeley School of Journalism graduate), “Selling Science: Getting Science Writing Sold” (November 2004 & 2002)

Andreas Kluth, Science Writer for The Economist (Dec 2004)

Keay Davidson, Science Writer for The San Francisco Chronicle, “Writing Science in Peace and War” (April 2003)

Marcia Barinaga, Correspondent for Science, “Science Writing as a Career” (January 2003)

Evelyn Strauss, Editor and Contributing Correspondent for Science, “From Benchtop to Laptop: Making the leap from academia to the newsroom” (March 2002)

Charles Petit, Senior Writer for US News & World Report, “Beyond Gee Whiz: Why Science Writing is Good News” (November 2001)

Jonathan Knight, correspondent for Nature and New Scientist, “From Lab Rat to News Hound: Science Writing as a Career”(May 2001)

Timothy Ferris, Best Selling Author of The Whole Shebang, “The Role of the Writer in Science” (February 2001)