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Pierce Gordon

Pierce Gordon is a Ph.D. graduate of the Energy and Resources Group. He specializes in researching the intersection of innovation practice, international development, and evaluation capacity building. Check out more of his writing at

QinQin Yu

QinQin is a second year physics graduate student. Her research is in the interdisciplinary field of biophysics where she uses physics tools to understand how populations of bacteria evolve. She is into education, west coast swing, cooking, and hiking.

Erika Anderson

Erika Anderson is a graduate student in molecular and cell biology. She studies chromosome structure in the tiny worm C. elegans.

Shelley He

Shelley He is a Ph.D. Student at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley. She is interested in combining economic theory, novel data, algorithmic techniques and statistical methods to inform decision makers about industrial organization in commodity, automotive and electricity markets; international, public and corporate finance; environmental and energy regulation.

Eric Copenhaver

Eric is a PhD candidate in Physics at Berkeley, originally from Ohio and West Virginia. He exploits the quantum mechanical wave-particle duality of matter for precision measurements using a technique called atom interferometry. He tweets cool physics stuff @ecopenhaver and loves a good gif.

Laura Treers

Laura is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, where she does research in bio-inspired robotic manipulation. When not studying or doing research, she is most likely on some adventure in the mountains; she enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing, and canoeing.

Virginia Markham

Virginia Markham is a 4th year PhD student of Plant Biology at Berkeley. She studies DNA dynamics in plants with complex genomes.

Brian Wang

Brian is a PhD student in synthetic organic chemistry, and his research focuses on the total synthesis of natural products. You can find some of his other writing at Strands of a Restless Mind.


Past Blog Contributors

Emily Cook

Emily is an environmental engineering PhD student studying the biological and chemical transformation of the groundwater contaminants sourced from fire-fighting foams. She loves pecan pie and telling people how bacteria rule the world (because they do).

Allison Terbush

Allison is a PhD student in Molecular and Cell Biology and exploring medical illustration and science writing. She works on entry mechanisms of human herpesviruses. Tweets @allinthelab.

Alli Quan

Alli Quan is a writer for Berkeley Science Review and a PhD student in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. She studies how Drosophila, as vectors of yeast, contribute to great winemaking.

Jo Downes Bairzin

Jo is a PhD student in molecular and cell biology, studying how signaling pathways coordinate to control tissue growth. She is also the former Art Director for the Berkeley Science Review, and she writes at You can follow her on Twitter at @josephine__q

Natalie Gibson

Natalie is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry. She is a physical chemist who studies how nanoparticles interact with light.