Introducing the BSR design store!

Remember that amazing bird created for Digital Catch and Release? Or that stunning interconnected web of colors that showed Berkeley collaborations on campus in The First Rule of Data Science?

Over the years, the BSR design team has created some truly remarkable visualizations. However, we’re always saddened that all the hard work we put into creating a top-quality publication gets put aside as we turn towards the next release. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to show your love for BSR designs and articles throughout time? Well, we’re happy to say that now there is.

Introducing the BSR spreadshirt store!

Digital Catch and Release - tshirt

We at the BSR are proud of our designs, which are hand-crafted by graduate students who have a passion for visuals on top of their passion for science. To help us all share the love, we’ve put a few notable designs online for you all to wear with pride. You’ll find designs from several previous issues, two from our latest release, and a few random tidbits we threw in just for fun.

If you like these designs, or would like to see more, drop us a line and tell us what you think. Want them on coffee mugs? We can do that. Know of a past design that would look great on a t-shirt? We could make it happen!

We look forward to seeing BSR designs around campus and around the country – and to what else we can proudly put on display in the name of Science!

Check out the store here, and feel free to leave a comment if you’ve got a suggestion for us.

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