5 Things I wish I knew about Berkeley at least 2 years ago (instead of just 1)

UC Berkeley is a huge melting pot of interesting people, groups, communities, assemblies, departments, services…the list could continue ad nauseum. We’ve seen the impressive interplay of collaborations between these departments put together by Natalia Bilenko, with data scraped from the PubMed database. This article strives to share some of the communities that I have only learned about this past year (after being an undergraduate at Berkeley and now an upcoming fourth year graduate student). With such valuable resources available to us, we can assuredly make this collaborative network even more impressive in the years to come.

1. Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE)

For those of you interested in staying onboard SS Academia, you may be intrigued by the empirical research about the culture of higher education. Parsing apart the “hearsay” from the “here: evidence”, CSHE offers a wide range of current projects, ranging from the The Future of Scholarly Communication to Student Experience in the Research University. Given that this research informs policy decisions, I think it’s important to understand it and be able to reference it in all those committees you’ll be sitting on as a faculty member.

2. D-Lab

Perhaps you’ve heard about BIDS (Berkeley Institute for Data Science) from the BSR article by Mikel Delgado. Did you know that they offered classes and consulting? As a truly positive force behind the sc(i)en(c)es, I’m sure we can expect great collaborations to stem from this campus gem.

3. Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC)

The OSC impressed me with their lists of campus resources, answering questions you might have about open access and publishing in general (e.g. peer-review, metrics, and much, much more). Looks like they’re keeping it real in their evaluation and interpretation of academic practices across fields.

4. PeerLibrary (Open Access @ Cal)

Have you deposited your publication(s) in PeerLibrary yet? (Yes, it is only one word: PeerLibrary). You can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, watch, star, and fork their repository on GitHub,  and even watch their promotional video on Vimeo. All the early adopters are doing it.

5. Science Libraries @ UCB

Whaaat? You forgot everything about the library from orientation? You need more information? Well, if these tutorials and guides aren’t enough, maybe you would be surprised to know there is even help with data management and curation from Science Libraries @UCB, including links for general overview and even international resources.

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