Issue 25 is here!

    BSR_issue25_coverAnd just like that, another semester has passed and another issue of the Berkeley Science Review is hot off the press.  This issue is one of our most diverse and interesting yet, and we’re proud to host it officially in web-format for all of you to enjoy into eternity!  Take a look at the BSR online table of contents and you’ll see all of our great articles formatted for easy reading online.

    We know that throwing a ton of articles online all at once isn’t exactly internet par-for-the-course, so in the coming weeks we’ll make sure to feature stories and followups that highlight some of the best material in this year’s edition.

    As a starter, you might notice the decidedly atypical cover article on this year’s BSR.  As a magazine and website run entirely by graduate students, we like to write about the topics most near-and-dear to our hearts.  The cover story this time around covers one of the most important topics in graduate education: non-academic careers.  As graduate students ourselves, we’re constantly thinking about what’s the next step after grad school.  Hopefully, this piece will shed a little bit of light on where we are now, how we got here, and what’s coming next in the world of professional training for graduate students.

    But don’t worry, the latest edition covers plenty of strictly-science too.  Look inside and you’ll find cutting edge chemistry that captures snapshots of chemical reactions, a technique that unveils the uncanny powers of the sun as a disinfectant, and even a new step in quantum theory that may allow us to redefine the standard unit of mass.  And don’t forget that all of this wonderful science is happening right here at UC Berkeley, brought to you by the Berkeley Science Review.

    Producing the Berkeley Science Review is truly a joy for all of us on the team, and making it available to all of you online (free, as always) is the icing on the cake for us.  I hope that you enjoy the latest edition of the BSR, and I invite you to take a look inside, explore the many fascinating aspects of science going on at UC Berkeley, and tell us what you think.

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