Audio Teaser for BSR’s “Touch Me!” Event

TouchMe StarCheck out the following audio teaser for our upcoming tactile event, Touch Me

Sunday, October 27th, from 6-10 PM at The David Brower Center in Berkeley. Click here to learn more and purchase tickets. 

The Berkeley Science Review hopes to engage all of your senses with science!




Audio transcript:

I’m just a voice on the radio. I can’t touch you, but you can “Touch Me.” The Berkeley Science Review, a volunteer graduate-student-run media outlet, announces Touch Me, a Bay Area Science Festival event.
Join us October 27th, when we’ll get skin deep in the science of touch.
The sensitive snout of the star nosed mole might solve the mystery of how nerves detect touch.
Robots are being engineered with touch sensitive electronic skin.
And learn how touch communicates emotions!
Presentations on these topics will be followed by a reception with interactive exhibits.
Come and participate in a live experiment at “Touch Me” Sunday, October 27th from 6-10pm at the David Brower Center theater and gallery in Berkeley.

Learn more and get tickets at

**Special thank you to Bradley Swift and Chris Shaver for robot and radio announcer voices, respectively, and Georgeann Sack for the suggestions on the script!**