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We all have our feeds to keep updated on our science and science news, but what about when you need a break from lab? Here is a list of my favorite sites for guilt-free pleasure while waiting to compete a degas, tlc, or gel. Inspired by the Sceptical Chymist of course!

Angew Author Profiles The secret lives of chemists: These profiles are unequivocally awesome  and super personable. For example, I have found out that Bob Langer’s favorite food is chocolate!  But reader beware, reading too many of these profiles can alter your reality (OR can cause an imagination overload) …For a nano-second, I almost convinced myself that Professor Bertozzi and I could have started a rock band together. After all, we both own guitars; and who is to say the combination of mad chemistry + musical skills wouldn’t be attractive to a record label out there. But seriously, the profiles reveal the human side of your science heroes making you wish that they would become your instant BFFs. Check out Author Profiles on Angew  & Reactions  on Nature Chemistry

Angry bird and his little flask friend

Classic Blogroll: These guys don’t require an introduction so bookmark away! I’m sorry this list is so synthesis heavy, folks … suggestions in the comment field are most appreciated. Check them out at: 

In the PipelineOrgPrep DailyChemBarkJust like cooking The Curious Wavefunction, and the Baran Lab Blog 

Chicken Soup for the Science Soul: I have slowly become addicted to these blogs. And don’t just check them out … consider sending in a post of your own!  Check out my top two favorites at  Grandma Got STEM & This is what a scientist looks like

Excellent life advice from Jorge Cham. Plus you could have actually tried to do this. 

Tried and True: If you’re toiling away in a lab or office in grad school, I am of the strong opinion that comics are an essential coping mechanism to maintain sanity. Sorry, I will not be posting a link to my favorites. You never know what PIs read on plane trips, so it’s probably best to plead the 5th on this one! But I will venture to say that between these two sites, you’ll be certain to laugh at the commonality of your grad school misery du jour. Plus, Jorge Cham even has a youtube site now where you can learn important things on topics like planet hunting and lava!  Click on to PhD Comics  and xkcd.

Trending: Even if you’re new to the social media scene like me, scientists (and potentially your boss) are with it on twitter. Here are the two most persistent trends from from the chemists on the interwebs:  #RealTimeChem and  #chemclub

Created by Philipp Legner, design by Thomas Hull http://www.mathigon.org

Intersecting Tetrahedra

Pretty Pictures: Just because science is sometimes hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. For instance, the dedicated folks who make coordination complexes are surrounded by fantastic, artistic colors. In the same spirit, I list below a few fun links for pure enjoyment. By the way, don’t try making the origami with the post-it-notes on your sash. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work or requires insane jedi-master abilities. Some suggestions:  Pictures from an Organic Chemistry Laboratory,  Nikon Small Worldand  Modular Origami . 

Wolfphos in Sheep’s Clothing @ ZAAC…no really

A little schadenfreude: When experiments are going south, it sometimes feels good to know someone has it, scientifically speaking, much worse than you. The absolute worst table of contents images known to man—usually published in peer reviewed journals no less—are a click away on TOC ROFL. And if being a GSI has you down in the dumps this semester, don’t worry about it! Check out what’s in store once you get your teaching reviews at Berate my Professor

Impromptu Dance Party:  You really shouldn’t need any directions for this. But just in case, I’d like to round up today’s post with an inspiring thought. Bill Nye went on Dancing with the Stars, he got injured, needs surgery, and still is determined to dance again. Therefore, there is no scientific explanation why you cannot dance your heart out. As Bill Nye amply demonstrated, no special skill required, just bring your chutzpah to the party.  Bill Nye’s moves and singing abilities LIVE!

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