PYM enters the terrible twos!

This week’s edition of Psych Wednesdays was written by Michael Kraus. It was originally published on Psych Your Mind on March 14, 2013.

Two years ago today, this blog was born. Thanks to you, PYM readers, this once tiny blog venture has been an overwhelming success–both in terms of outreach, and I think, in terms of fun (at least for the bloggers)! Let’s check out some of the PYM blog stats after the jump.

As  I said, the outreach on the blog has increased considerably since our initial post (507 total views). Today the grand total of visitors to the blog has exceeded 664,000–more than 400,000 of which occurred this year. Our most popular post (Amie’s piece on nutrition viewed 44,422 times) has received a sizable share of these views. The most popular blog entry this year was Kate’s piece on evacuating before storms (already viewed4,721 times). The growth of the blog has been largely due to our more than 300 twitter followers and 650 blog subscribers!

We’ve also had a considerable amount of fun writing on the blog this year. We blogged about discussing politics at the Thanksgiving table, psychological constructs at the Oscars, how to make time stand still, howsacrifice can improve relationships, and how oxytocin research explains the popular TV show, the Walking Dead. Year three promises to be just as fun as the last two years. We hope you’ll continue to join us here during your work week!

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