Piper Promotes: PIEP Seminar Series, July 17, 2012

As the latest seminar in the Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP) Seminar Series, a part of the Berkeley Postdoctoral Association, Doug Kalish will present “What to Expect in Biotech?” on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 in 105 Stanley Hall. Light refreshments and networking will start at 5:45 in the Stanley Hall Atrium, followed by the workshop from 6:00 to 7:30 in 105 Stanley Hall, and concluded with a networking hour in the Stanley Hall Atrium.

Dr. Doug Kalish will speak on how biotech and pharma can offer scientists a variety of unique opportunities to be part of research and drug development, beyond traditional academic opportunities. Kalish used his Ph.D. in Biology to become a serial entrepreneur and now runs dougsguides, a company devoted to helping college graduates and Ph.D.s prepare and survive in the job market and the real world. You can follow Kalish on Twitter @dougsguides.

Interested participants should RSVP with the following information to vspa@berkeley.edu and include “Biotech” in the subject line. Required information: Family name, First name; Institutional Affiliation:  UCB, CHORI, HHMI, LBL, UCSF, etc; Departmental Affiliation & Affiliate Status: graduate student, postdoc, visiting student researcher, or visiting scholar.

Every week, Piper will highlight an event or an organization on or near campus that is of interest to the Berkeley Science Review audience.

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