Live Blog: 2011 BERC Energy Symposium pt. 2


    This is Chris here with the second half to our two-part coverage of the BERC energy conference at UC Berkeley. I’ll be here for an hour this afternoon, and will take the reigns again later today. This marks my first post in quite some time, so hopefully I won’t bore you all to death!

    In case you just read that paragraph and have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at Anna’s live blog entries from earlier today, as well as Brian’s experience last night at the Innovation Expo.  The quick bit is that the BERC is a gigantic energy club that connects researchers studying energy issues from many different fields.  They’re currently having a huge conference here at UC Berkeley, and the BSR is here to cover the action and keep the ticketless among you well-informed.  Stay tuned for more!