Design Squad Nation Ingenuity Day

In the continuing theme of “Inspire Your Kids To Be Engineers”, may I present: the Design Squad Nation Ingenuity Day at the Lawrence Hall of Science!

Design Squad Hosts riding an "organ bike"

Design Squad Nation hosts Judy and Adam are real-life Bay Area professional engineers who do cool things! Here, they are riding an "organ bike" - Hooray for engineering!

Design Squad Nation is a newly-premiered PBS Kids show based on the previous PBS reality show, Design Squad. Both are aimed at giving engineering a positive PR boost – the hosts, Adam and Judy, use their fantastic Powers of Engineering to make wishes come true all over the country. On their website, they inspire kids to come up with dreams, designs, and creative solutions to everyday problems.

This Saturday (tomorrow!), Adam and Judy will be at the Lawrence Hall of Science, firing their giant catapult and showing off sneak peeks of upcoming episodes of Design Squad Nation at 11:00am and 1:00pm. The Ingenuity Lab will also be open from 12-4pm, filled with BEAM (Berkeley Engineers and Mentors) students, ready to help kids design, build, and test their own rockets.

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