Letters to a pre-scientist, part 2

This is a continuing series. In part 1, I describe the pen pal project and my initial letter to Jason.

It’s rare that I get excited over a piece of mail these days. A couple weeks ago, in between the usual catalogs and credit card offers, I was thrilled to discover that one of my 6th grade pen pals in Macon Lowman’s class had written to me. Click below to read Jason’s letter and my reply.

Jason's letter

My response

My response

Dominique (my other pen pal) didn’t write back this time around, but I don’t plan on giving up. I will write again and ask more questions to get him started. Letter-writing is intimidating enough for me as an adult, so I can understand if he needs a little extra encouragement.

By the way, the color changing milk experiment can be seen below, thanks to Household Hacker. Follow them on Youtube to see a cool new video every week in their “Scientific Tuesdays” series.

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