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How lasers size up the shrinking proton

Update from author (October 2017): New hydrogen spectroscopy results, with terrific precision, were published at long last on October 6. Before these data, all measurements made with hydrogen agreed with each other, but strongly disagreed with muonic hydrogen spectroscopy. Now, the tables have turned. The new spectroscopy is consistent with what looked to be recalcitrant muonic

Highlights from the Breakthrough Prize Symposium

Last week, as previously advertised, UC Berkeley hosted the Breakthrough Prize symposium, showcasing the research of winners present and previous of the award.  If you missed the symposium, all of the lectures are available on youtube. Symposium Highlights by Daniel Freeman Having not yet mastered the ability to place myself in superposition across the three

UC Berkeley to Host Breakthrough Prize Symposium

Next week, Monday November 9th, UC Berkeley will host the Breakthrough Prize Symposium at the David Brower Center. The Breakthrough Prize was established by Silicon Valley technology pioneers to reward ingenuity in Mathematics, Physics, and the Life Sciences.  Each prize carries a $3,000,000 award.  This symposium is free to attend. Reserve your spot for the