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Surrounding students with STEMpowerment

Dr. Talithia Williams, an associate professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, spoke at UC Berkeley on February 6, 2018 to discuss bridging the racial, gender, and socioeconomic gap in STEM higher education. She opened this event, called STEMpowerment, by posing a question: who is Claudette Colvin? Claudette was arrested in 1955 for refusing to

CRISPRcon: diverse voices debate the future of genome editing

It’s not every day that a scientific conference hosts a panel discussion including a futurist, a director of a non-governmental organization, a pastor, an environmentalist, and a pig farmer—but CRISPRcon wasn’t your typical science conference. In place of presentations about the latest scientific papers and a wall of posters, CRISPRcon provided a platform for a broader

Diversity’s positive feedback loop

Featured image: When they hear the word “scientist”, most people envision a white male—but as research topics become more diverse, so does the face of science. Photo by Jiri Navratil (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons. I am a physics graduate student, a woman, and an Asian American. When I look at the 52 other