Spring 2017

From the Editor

The art & science behind trash diversion
Creating robots that understand humans
Development engineers support sustainability through self-sufficiency
Astronomers follow new leads in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Mapping the Sky

A look into astronomical tools, past and present

Science to the People

How open access publishing promotes transparency in science

A Battle for Balance

How the brain regulates hunger and thirst

Baiting the Bug

How scientists must bring HIV back to life (before they can destroy it)

Why (Anti)hydrogen Matters

Science of Art, Art of Science

Photosynthesis Under Stress

Robot Acrobatics

Toolbox – Reducing San Francisco’s Landfill Waste

Innovations in recycling

From The Field – Biology Summer Camp

Life lessons from embryos

BSR and Beyond

Alumni reflect on where their BSR training has taken them

Laura Nielsen Lammers

To industry and back again: an environmental geochemist's tale

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