Fall 2015

From the editor

The story of human evolution, written in ancient DNA
(Re)discovering the prehistoric fossils stored in the Campanile
The paradox of protein folding
How scientists and startups take research out of the lab and into the market
The entanglement of people and machines

Enraged cow injures farmer with ax

teaching computers to figure out phrases

Health on the front burner

Improving air quality through sustained cookstove monitoring

What’s in a tweet?

How the science of birdsong may shed light on human language evolution

The other cloud computing

Combining computers and cameras to study clouds’ role in our climate

A sticky non-stick situation

Scientists strategize how to deal with chemicals of concern

Biotech literacy project bootcamp

Scientists and journalists learn how to talk about GMOs

Bob Lane and Vince Resh

Environmental scientists

Lentil Underground

Staff listing, Fall 2015

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