Spring 2014

From the Editor – Spring 2014

How data is opening doors, revolutionizing science, and connecting the world
Perspectives on the world’s oldest cell line
The state of graduate student mental health at UC Berkeley
A new life sciences journal gains traction
Efficient genetic engineering and the future of food

Trophic Thunder

Trouble at the top echoes throughout the food chain

Shake ‘N Quake

Smartphone app shakes up earthquake monitoring

Make Like a Nanotree and Cleave

Hacking photosynthesis for renewable energy

Narrowing the divide

Progress Toward Parity for UC Berkeley Women in Science

In Search of E.T.

Berkeley scientists search the cosmos for signs of life

Mind the Culture Gap

Bridging the divide between technology and cultural communities

Bright Science

Smaller really is better

Sexy and single-celled

Fluorinating medicine

Hotspots and fingers and plumes, oh my!

Toolbox – Central Dogma and genetic engineering

From the Field – The evolution of field biology

From bot flies in Costa Rica to fire ants in Florida

Faculty Profile – Michel Maharbiz

Bio-gadget Builder