Fall 2014
The history and future of the history and future of the universe
UC Berkeley aims to increase public science literacy
Borrowing from bats to navigate without sight
Technology reveals the secret lives of animals
How bacteria are circumventing modern medicine

Waves of Change

Shifting the approach to ocean acidification

The BRAINs Behind Big Funding

Putting our heads together to solve funding issues

Where the Wild Yeasts Are

Discovering yeasts endemic to the vine

Click Here for Happiness

Apps to lighten your mood

Choosy Genes

How DNA affects decision-making

Li-ion King

Your cell phone, laptop, and tablet are all likely powered by lithium-ion batteries (LIBs); low weight and high energy density have made them the rechargeable battery of choice for nearly all mobile devices. Recently, companies such as Tesla and Japan Airlines have been using LIBs in electric vehicles and planes, but have found that scaling

The Kids Are Reviewing

Dr. Robert Knight, M.D. and professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Berkeley, is engaging kids in the scientific process by making them into peer reviewers. He is among the scientists, educators, and politicians who are expanding interest in STEM fields by reframing science as a process rather than a list of facts. Knight’s new

Mo’ Music Mo’ Color

Does the latest top-of-the-charts hit leave you smiling? Wistful? Irritated? New research suggests music really might have you seeing red—or blue, or yellow, depending on the song.  Not only do certain songs evoke specific emotional responses, but also people tend to associate these emotions with visual stimuli, especially color. For years, lighting technicians at concert

Loud and in Charge

You can follow Rachel on Twitter @Rachel_A_Albert — Black holes suck—matter, that is. But some “radio-loud” black holes also spew out powerful jets of radio waves. Several years ago Alexander Tchekhovskoy, a UC Berkeley postdoc, posited that the formation of these jets might be connected to magnetic fields; until recently no one had tested this hypothesis. Several

Toolbox – Accelerometry

The simple device behind many modern technologies

From the Field – A Journey in Science Education

Reflections on science outreach

John Battles

Forest guardian

Staff Listing, Fall 2014