Fall 2013

From the Editor

Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy captures chemistry in action
Non-academic careers move toward the mainstream
Relativity redefines the fundamental unit of mass
Engineer Mi Nguyen investigates how sunlight disinfects water

The Future of Computing

Simons Institute fosters interdisciplinary collaborations

Pass the Remote

Light as a remote control for stem cell fate

Catching the Bug

A swarm of volunteers to digitize insect specimens

Online Education

Patent Ending

Supreme Court opens a door for medical genomics research

Make Science, Not War

Professors call for civilian use of monitoring systems

Extinction Distinction

New technique informs age-old debate over dino death

Need for Speed

Stop that Sperm!

Tuned in

A Mobile Medical Lab

Toolbox – Atom Interferometry

From the Field – Dodging the Bullet

The hazards of understanding ant communication

Eugene Commins

An artist and physicist

Staff Listing