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Catch the brainwave: Cognitive Technologies at the Exploratorium

All images courtesy of Anja Ulfeldt Getting his ticket to the Exploratorium on the opening night of the new exhibit Cognitive Technologies, Berkeley neuroscientist Jack Gallant was asked if he thought it would work. “It better work,” he said. “It’ll be amazing if it works.”   Gallant’s actual words were, characteristically, a smidge more colorful.

Expressing Science Through Art

Cover image credit: Kate Nichols. Through the Looking Glass 1. Silver nanoparticles on glass. 24 x 45 inches, 2011. Photo credit: Donald Felton.​ When I look back to the past, it always seems to be a simpler time. Luminaries such as Leonardo Da Vinci were scientists, scholars, artists, and everything in between (wikipedia has a list of