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Neural networks. Neural networks? Neural networks!

Google has received a flurry of media attention recently for their psychedelic image generation technique via neural networks (called inceptionism).  A handful of fascinating links have sprouted up concerning neural network techniques, so I’ve collated a handful here with some commentary.   1. As always, wikipedia is the best place to start.  The specialized articles

Fighting malaria on many fronts

A big computer, an all-male army of insects, and a home diabetes test kit—not what you might think to bring along when going up against a mass killer.  These tools, however, comprise part of the arsenal in the ongoing fight against malaria, a mosquito-borne disease responsible for over 600,000 deaths annually. The fifth annual Bay

Mouse discrimination

Title image courtesy Mycroyance, CC BY-NC 2.0 Cages of small white mice lining a laboratory. A classic image of science research, featuring a star model organism responsible for numerous medical advances. What isn’t obvious about this image is that many, if not all, of mice used in research are male. In fact, eight out of