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Bay Area marches for science

At first glance, the March for Science in San Francisco appeared similar to other marches held over the past few months: a sea of signs and people in sunscreen and running shoes, many with their kids in tow. But after looking closer, a couple notable differences stood out. Here and there were people in lab

Beyond Academia 2017

Jo Downes Bairzin It’s a familiar question to many of us in graduate school: what am I doing with my life? One might think that a bunch of PhD trainees in their 20s and 30s would have figured that out already, but if anything, grad school makes the question even more pressing. How many of

“Nuclear energy” and “innovation” in the same sentence?

Start-up culture, exemplified by rapid development of new technology and entrepreneurship, is not associated with the United States’ nuclear energy industry. Nuclear power plants in the United States, whose average age is thirty-five years, are considered antiquated energy source in the eye of the public. The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp, held here at the University of California,