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From the Editor

Dear Readers, Autumn has arrived, with its crisp air and bustling streets. Sidewalks and coffee shops teem with students and researchers, chatting, exchanging ideas, and discussing science. In many ways, science is forged through these connections—between people, concepts, techniques—as ideas become woven together into true progress. In this issue of the Berkeley Science Review, several

Life on the edge

Did life evolve somewhere else? Of course,” says Richard Mathies, chemistry professor at UC Berkeley. Mathies is developing the technology to explore extraterrestrial life in our solar system and beyond. “What does it look like? I’m not sure.” Recent advances in space exploration technology have led to an explosion of newly discovered exoplanets in our

BSR and Beyond

If you’ve read any Berkeley Science Review (BSR) article, you know one of our goals—to tell engaging stories about UC Berkeley research. But hidden within the glossy pages of the magazine is our second, less obvious mission. In producing the BSR, we work together and teach each other how to write, design, edit, and publicize